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"This is the KITECOAT™ VOICE OF THE OCEANS. It is an upcycling product. This means, in practice, that your jacket was originally the sail of the vessel used in the Schurmann Family's third trip around the world. Yes! Your new jacket was produced with nylon parts and sail trims from the Sailboat Kat, in other words, its "DNA" has already circumnavigated the planet! And it is also the result of the dream of taking the urgent mission of saving the oceans to the world. On board the Kat sailboat, Expedicão Voz dos Oceanos seeks to raise awareness about plastic and microplastic pollution in the sea, documenting and sharing stories of people who are putting into practice new ways of living, sustainable production and consumption. In addition to being a platform for scientists carry out on-site research in marine ecosystems, an innovation front selecting startups with impactful solutions and an environmental education program. To celebrate its first year of sailing, VOZ DOS OCEANOS teamed up with KITECOAT to launch a historic edition of jackets , which contains a very special piece of the trajectory of these trailblazers. Here is your KITECOAT™ VOZ DOS OCEANOS, commemorative edition of 1 year of the Voz dos Oceanos Expedition, combining fashion and sustainability for conscious consumers. Now that you're on board with our story, we hope this jacket-shaped sail continues to take the VOICE OF THE OCEANS further and further."


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