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Tamanho P  Jaqueta de upcycling de pipa de kitesurf. Molde “parca” com zíper tratorado na frente, dois bolsos laterias, capuz com estrangulador e “cordinha” do cabresto do kite.Estampas variadas.Forro em poliéster.


  • This is a Kitecoat™, it is the result of an upcycling process. In practice, this means that your jacket was originally a kitesurfing kite, which was a good sailing companion for someone passionate about the sport in Ceará. It sailed along the beaches of Cumbuco, Caucaia and Preá (Jericoacara) and when it fell into disuse, it was donated to the Kitecoat™ Project to be turned into jackets. The sailor who owned it kept one of them and the one in your hands is the other version, all assembled from the NORTH FUSE 12m kite, which now begins a new story with you.

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