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Quem somos


Upon completing its first year of navigation, the Voz dos Oceanos expedition, which has global support from the UN Environment Program (UNEP), inspires – and effectively collaborates – in the creation of a commemorative line of jackets, made from of the upcycling process.


In partnership with the Kitecoat™ Project, the initiative led by the Schurmann Family combines fashion and sustainability in a collab in defense of the reuse of materials and conscious consumption, capable of minimizing the impacts of waste on the environment.


The Kitecoat + Voz dos Oceanos commemorative line has a limited – and numbered – series of 50 jackets made from an old sail from the Schurmann Family vessel. After a complete trip around the world, winning one of the biggest regattas in Latin America, carrying out some national and South American expeditions, this sail had to be replaced with a new one. Now, all the history and adventures will return in a new format: the Kitecoat + Voz dos Oceanos jackets, made with nylon parts and trims from the “retired” item.

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